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The Game

This game is played in two, three or four players. The players draw each turn up to four cards from the deck, until their hand has four cards or no cards are left in the deck. Then, the turn starter player ( the last player who took a hand or a randomly chosen player, if this is the first hand played ) begins a hand.

The Deck

The deck is made of 32 cards ( from 7 to K ), if the game has two or four players.

If the game has three players, two cards must be removed from the deck to ensure an equal distribution of the cards for the players. The two cards removed are two 8 cards.

The Players

If there are four players in a game, players one and three are on the red team, and players two and four are in the blue team.

Otherwise, it's every man for himself.

The Turn

The players are called on successively to drop a card on the table, and the turn starter gets the option to either give the cards to the last cutter, or to continue the turn, if the last cutter isn't himself, by continuing to cut.

The cutting cards are 7 and the first card on the table this turn. E.g.: If the other player started with K and you have K, 7, J, A in your hand, you can cut him with either K or 7.

IMPORTANT: If there are only three players in a game, the deck must be reduced to 30 cards for an equal distribution, so two eights are removed and the remaining two 8 cards are also cutting cards.

The number of points in a turn is equal to the number of 10s or Aces in that turn.

The last cutter in a turn gets all the points after the turn is over, and becomes the next turn starter.

The Goal

You or your team must obtain the most number of points.


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